Purpose-designed to ensure that the banks of rivers or streams are not eroded by discharged water, the one-piece GRC headwalls are lightweight, light to handle, and even easier to install. Available in two sizes and capable of accepting pipes up to either 200 or 300mm in diameter from any angle, both units have a large flatbase which provides a firm support in the bank. Inaddition, rot proof netting, moulded into the back ofeach headwall, can be tensioned into the bank during normal trenching operations.

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Specially designed for installation in ditches in the fen country, the Berky headwall's major characteristic is that, once installed, it will not be damaged during maintenance operations involving Berkenheger water weed mowing machinery.

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Ensure that your underground pipework never gets blocked by using this simply designed, yet highly efficient GRC drainage inlet. The headwall will take pipe up to twelve inches in diameter, it also includes a hot dip galvanised grid which is bolted to the front on the unit. Easily installed, the unit can also be supplied with an interlocking silt trap if required.

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Another great GRC idea to ensure that underground pipework never gets blocked with debris, but this time one which comes with a built-in silt trap. Capable of accepting pipes up to eighteen inches in diameter from any angle, this pipe drain inlet is easy to install, includes a self-cleaning angled hot dipped galvanised grid, and its twelve inch deep silt trap has a detachable front plate to simplify maintenance.

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They couldn't be simpler. Circular GRC junction boxes that will accept pipe from any angle to provide a junction point in land drainage schemes. They even come complete with a GRC lid.

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Access to any drainage system for maintenance is, obviously, very important. That's why this simple, yet efficient rectangular inspection chamber has proved popular with many contractors. It is easy to install and easy to access for silt removal. The height of the chamber can be increased by using either concrete blocks or standard concrete rings.

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