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Sport and Leisure drainage involves keeping sports fields playable and profitable is the motto for developing pipes and fittings that allows drainage to increase the playability of turf surfaces while reducing maintenance and repair costs. Since the 1970’s, Europipes (UK) Ltd have led the industry with a record of painstaking research, new product development and breakthrough applications.

The increasing popularity of golf, football, rugby and other outdoor events places growing demands on turf design and maintenance. Technology is responding with new soil/sand composites, hybrid seeds and improved forms of artificial turf. But underneath it all, proper drainage is the most productive investment in the long term health and playability of recreational surfaces.

Benefits of a well designed and maintained drainage system are:

Healthier grass
Good drainage promotes deeper root growth and the knitting effect of the roots, which stabilises the playing surface and reduces tearing of the turf.

More effective use of soil nutrients

A well drained pitch will improve the uptake of nitrate, potassium and magnesium.

Reduced risk of disease
Turf not continuously sitting in damp soil will be more resistant to fungus and disease.

Maximum playability
Fewer games and events will be cancelled or delayed as a result of heavy rain.

Reduced compaction
Good drainage reduces the surface deformation caused by heavy traffic and soil compaction.

Safer surfaces

Overall, the installation of a comprehensive drainage system reduces pitch damages and turf instability, providing players with a better footing and less chance of any injury.

Please find our range of Sport and Leisure Drainage specific products below.

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