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Flexible Pipe Connectors and Reducers

Europipes (UK) Ltd stock and supply Flexible Pipe Connectors and Reducers in a range of sizes from 50mm to 500mm diameters.

Adjustable Pipe Reducers & Connectors

Flexible Pipe Adapters allow the user to connect two different pipes types together and they work on twin wall, waste water pipes, clay pipes and land drain coils.

The main flexible rubber joiner is tightened to each end of the pipes using jubilee clips. This tightening means that there is a range of pipe sizes that each of the joiner can attach to, for example one coupler will do pipes with an external diameter of 100mm to 115mm.

They can also be used to reduce from one pipe size to another, for example 225mm twin wall to 160mm waste water pipe.

We stock connectors and reducers from 80mm diameter to over 500mm diameter.

Flexible Adapter Couplings

Our flexible adapter coupling allows users to join pipe of different diameters. Each coupling does a range of pipe sizes which can be altered with a jubilee clip to fit tightly. Some adapters are straight couplers and others allow reducing from a larger pipe size to a smaller one. We keep a large range in stock, please call with you requirements.

Flexseal flexible pipe adapter. Clay to plastic adapter

Please let us know your requirements and we will be happy to assist – enquiries@europipes.co.uk or 01608 66 33 55

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