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PolyDry Crop Cooling and Drying

Our PolyDry crop cooling and drying products help you to ensure that your stored crops remain in perfect condition and free from mites and moulds.

We sell the Poly Dry range of plastic crop pedestal ventilation which is the UK’s leading grain cooling and conditioning system. Made from durable food grade plastic, heat can be removed and grain cooled to ensure the absolute best price when sold.

Coupled with this we have a range of state of the art fans for use with both vertical and horizontal ventilation systems.

Horizontal On-Floor System

The Horizontal On-Floor PolyDry system for cooling, drying and ventilating is ideal for use with existing main air tunnels. The durability and robustness of the pipe makes it ideal for replacing traditional steel ducts.

Horizontal Crop Drying and Cooling System

The perforations have been designed to prevent the flow ossmall crops, such as oilseed rape, into the duct. The duct is available in 450mm (ID) x 6m lengths and is available with anti-roll couplers and end caps.

Vertical On-Floor System

Polydry vertical pedestals are an efficient and low cost solution to cooling and conditioning most floor stored crops. Each pedestal is made up of a perforated main body section (300mm), a reducing cone and two 150mm x 1m pipes with a connector.

The units work either by blowing air through the crop or by drawing air down through the stored crop into the perforated body section and up through the fan. The system helps keep the crop cool and free from moulds and insects, avoiding the need for applying organo phosphates.

Crop Drying and Cooling Pedestal

The pedestals are spaced to allow bulk loaders to pass between them. They are also visible above the crop, further reducing the likelihood of damage.

If you have a special requirement or any questions, please contact us on 01608 66 33 55 or email enquiries@europipes.co.uk

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